Who am I?

Simplicity is audacious orginality ( A. Poincelot)


Mieke Depoorter  04/12/1975. Born in Belgium, Izegem.

 Auto didact, working with paint, brushes, wood, disposable materials, sand, ...

I like to make something out of nothing. I love to move you ... unexpected, soft ... shocking ... tender. Nude in my mind, undressed of all faces, designate the brush my way to the process of the finding ... the only place i can be myself without being disturbed, the only place where I can search for uniqueness, the meaning of existence. ... My inner urge for self-expression, for pleasure, for authenticity, passion .... Let me musing in silence, let me give your rainbow colors, experience, feeling.

Movement/change always again..different  just looking in another way ... We have our reality where molecules and atoms bring us something. visual.. there where experience creates an image and brings an emotion by recognition ... but what's behind that horizont.. What excists between that reality  and is our reality not an  illusion. We are moving through fields of energy .... to create. ... the consciousness ... a traveller through time and space ...

Fetze Pijlmanisays: We grow through time with our huge feet, make the world small with our travels, that makes us great as gods. the time is in our hearts, the space in a bag, in our heads. A room is a box that contains us but we contains the house, we go out in the dark. ignite the night with our dreams.